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Sneak peek of my portrait session this morning with @janeinthewoods - I am in awe with this dreamy photo. I’m tellin ya, when 2 talents collide… Seriously, this is magic. (at Little Arrow Headquarters)

Portraits for my soon-to-launch website. In the meantime, visit my etsy.

Owl mark by Brian Steely
Don’t mistake my kindness for weakness. I am kind to everyone, but when someone is unkind to me, weak is not what you are going to remember about me.
Don’t give haters a speaking role in the movie of your life. They’re just extras.
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Control freak or assertive?

I was accused of being a control freak (with work). At first I was surprised, but then realized how my taking initiative could come across as controlling. I think the difference is that my natural instinct is to act as a leader and so I take the initiative, however I’m always willing to hear a valid argument, and I’m always open to contribution and actually prefer collaborating instead of instructing. (By valid I mean an opinion backed up by logic or some kind of factual reasoning.) So I guess what I’m curious about, is whether or not this accusation was made out of honesty or defense. If it was made out of honesty then I could try to communicate my opinion on initiative vs. control and try to help then understand the difference. But if their accusation came from their own insecurity to be assertive / take initiative, I’m not really sure how to respond. Maybe it doesn’t matter. I’m always trying to level with people. But what I’m realizing is you can’t level with people who don’t have a realistic perspective on their own life. Of course, maybe I’m too practical. I’m just going to continue to stand strong and do what I feel is fair and right.

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Mercury was in fucking retrograde

"I love you"
"I know"